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Player Resources

Pre-Season Checklist - Here's a list of everything you need before gameplay.

Incident Report - If you believe you have had an incident that should be reported to the board or documented please fill out the Incident Report form.​

NGFFL Rulebook - Don't understand why a foul was called or want more information on the game?  The NGFFL Rulebook is the official source for our playing rules.

Reimbursement Request Form - If you need reimbursed for an approved purchase for Cascade or travel teams, please fill out the request here.

Add Cascade's League Calendar to your Calendar:

Cascade publishes its League Calendar as an Internet Calendar Sharing (ics) address.  

To add this calendar to your device, search for your device, application, or mail provider and find the appropriate instructions.  Here is how you would add the calendar to  Here is how you would add the calendar to your iphone.

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