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Pre-Season Checklist

Are you ready?


Here's a checklist of items you'll need before you join us on the field:

  • Pocketless shorts or pants (required)

    • Shorts or pants can be any length, but they need to be pocketless and should not have any striping that could be confused with the flags. 

      • HINT: We know these can be difficult to find so we've got these available for you in our Shorts Online Store (click to go there).

      • If you want to get your own, look for running, soccer, or rugby style of shorts. 

  • Mouth guard (recommended)

    • A mouth guard is highly recommended to help prevent injury. Here are some options: Amazon, Dick's, Big 5.

      • HINT: Most players will need an adult size. Be sure to follow the directions and fit the mouth guard before you wear it on the field the first time!

  • Cleats (recommended)

    • Cleats are very handy to maintain optimal field traction. Cleats must be plastic. You won't be allowed to play with metal or spiked cleats! Here are a few options: Amazon, Dick's, Big 5.

      • HINT: Do not buy cleats online unless you've previously purchased them and know your exact cleat size. If this is your first time buying cleats, purchase them in a store and work with a salesperson.

  • Football gloves (recommended)

    • In our game everyone has the opportunity to catch the ball. So even if you don't think you'll be a receiver you still might be thrown the ball. Good football gloves will help give you traction on the ball, particularly in wet weather.

      • HINT:  Gloves can be tricky to buy. Like cleats, unless you've bought them before, it's recommended you purchase these in store. Try on several pairs and see what works. If you consider yourself more of a blocker, linebacker, or rusher you might consider getting some that have more bracing around the wrist.

  • Water bottle (recommended)

    • You'll sweat playing flag football and you need to stay hydrated. We will have water at the games, but you should bring your own water bottle as well.

  • Sun protection (recommended)

    • When we play during the day, it can get pretty harsh being out on the field for a couple of hours. Be kind to your skin and remember to bring sunscreen, hats (ball caps can be worn during play, but they need to be turned backwards), or other shade devices.


To prepare your body for playing flag football it's a good idea to start stretching now! If you do cardio already that's awesome - throw on a bit more. If you don't currently do cardio it's time to start doing some.

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