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Gay Bowl XXI - All teams

Travel Teams


Introducing our travel teams!

Boom   -   Sockeyes   -  Sprinklez


These three teams consist of a very competitive team (Seattle Boom), an all-skills level teams (Seattle Sprinklez), and a women's+ team (Seattle Sockeyes)

Interesting in joining one of our teams?

Fill out this form and we will be in touch!

Gay Bowl XXI
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Seattle Travel Teams that wish to play in NGFFL tournaments must be a member of Cascade Flag Football Association (CFFA) as defined in Section 4 of the NGFFL’s bylaws and Section 4 of CFFA’s bylaws. As such, all travel teams and players are subject to the CFFA and NGFFL rules and code of conduct. Any team or player found to be acting outside the code of conduct is subject to penalty or removal at the board of directors' discretion.  


Prior to any tournament, team captains are required to submit a final roster to the board for approval. Any player found to be ineligible to play by the board may not participate as a player during these tournaments. Any team found playing with an ineligible player is subject to penalty by the board, not limited to disbandment. 



Core Teams: Core Teams are permanent and persistent travel teams approved by the board to represent the Association. The establishment and dissolution of a Core Team requires a vote of ⅔ of the Board. Once designated, Core Teams are authorized to represent the Association at tournaments until a vote of ⅔ of the Board to remove its Core designation. The Board must approve the roster of each Core team by a simple majority before participation in each tournament. 


Member-Led Teams - Member-Led travel teams may be formed by members of the Association in good standing and must be authorized by a vote of ⅔ of the Board to represent the Association at any tournament. Member-led teams are considered disbanded at the conclusion of the authorized tournament and its Board-granted authorization to represent the Association is automatically revoked. Member-led teams may request new authorization and be approved by a vote of ⅔ of the Board for each additional tournament. The Board must approve the roster of each Member-Led team by a ⅔ majority before participation in each tournament. Travel team tryouts take place in spring every year and will be split up based on the division the individual is wishing to play in (Open or Women’s+). There will be 2 different dates for tryouts, and players must attend at least one to be considered for a team. Upon completion of tryouts, the captains of the 3 historic teams will meet and discuss rosters. All final rosters must be approved by a 2/3 board vote.  

Team Captains - Team captains must have played in at least 1 prior NGFFL affiliated tournament. All team captains must be approved by ⅔ vote by the board and may be removed with a successful board motion and vote. 

Disbanding a team - At the request of the captain or a board motion any team may be disbanded with ⅔ vote of the board of directors. Disbanded teams will no longer be allowed to represent Cascade Flag Football. 


Sanction - With a vote of ⅔ the board of directors may censure any team or player that they feel has not maintained the values and code of conduct of the cascade organization. Sanctions may include censure, revocation of Core status, or revocation of authorization to represent the Association. The sanction will serve as a record of the event, as well as the league’s disapproval of said event. The sanction may be public or private at the discretion of the board.  


Common Questions 

What if I don’t make a team?  If you do not make a team’s roster, you may be asked to be an alternate (which means you will be moved to the roster if there is an injury, or a player can no longer attend) 

Can I travel to tournaments even if I don’t want to play?  Absolutely! Supporters are always welcome to attend any tournament CFFA participates in.  

I already have a team that plays in non NGFFL tournaments. Can we sign up to play in a tournament? All tournament players must be active CFFA members, meaning they participate in our local season. We encourage anyone wanting to participate in a tournament to sign up for CFFA’s next season and tryout for a travel team.  


Gay Bowl XXI Champions

Gay Bowl XXI Tempe 2021
B Division - Seattle Boom


2018 Sin City Classic
Seattle Boom

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