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Fall 2021 Waitlist

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The Fall 2021 is currently at capacity

(but there is still a good chance we will get you on a team).

We have seen incredible demand this season and to ensure that we provide a quality experience we are limiting teams to 15 players per team.  However, due to various reasons openings occur throughout the season.  But we don't want to take your money when we currently don't have a team opening to place you in.  This is a new situation for us and we are on a journey to understand how to best handle it.  We have set up a waitlist to get you onto a team.  Once you join the waitlist we will move in order  down the list to get you onto a team.  Depending on when we can get you on a team the season price may be reduced.  

But we still want you on the fields and we are making that happen every week!

  As part of our commitment to rookie training we are teaching fundamentals of Flag Football every Saturday for an hour before the games.  By signing up on the waitlist we will provide this training to you for free.  Further, you are invited to all social events.  So sign up for waitlist, come join us for training, watch the games, and join us afterwards for our social events!


Most Games are Saturday afternoons from 8/14 to 10/31 2021 
Click here for the full schedule

Attendance at Rookie Orientation days are strongly suggested for players new to Cascade

Have questions? Reach out to us on Instagram @CascadeFlagFootball or shoot an email to


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