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Captain Resources

Captain's Guide (Coming Soon) - A guide on how to effectively captain a team in Cascade Flag Football. 

Weekly Captain Report (Coming Soon) - After each week, captains must fill out this report to give the board a better idea of how each team is doing and make sure the league knows about weekly MVPs!

GroupMe - This is our main communication tool between Captains. Be sure to download the app to your phone and have someone add you to the "Captains -  [SEASON & YEAR] - CFFA" GroupMe. GroupMe is also a great tool for team communication.

Pre-Season Checklist - Here's a list of everything you need before gameplay.

Incident Report - If you believe you have had an incident that should be reported to the board or documented please fill out the Incident Report form.​

NGFFL Rulebook - Don't understand why a foul was called or want more information on the game?  The NGFFL Rulebook is the official source for our playing rules.

Reimbursement Request Form - If you need reimbursed for an approved purchase for Cascade or travel teams, please fill out the request here.

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