Cascade Flag Football Association FAQ


Who can play Cascade Flag Football?

That's one of the best things about Cascade - almost anyone can play!

Our only requirement is that you are 18 or older.  We are fully inclusive and welcome all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer, Straight, or Allies individuals and across all skill sets and all abilities.  If you have any specific questions or concerns about playing with Cascade, contact us at

Do I have to be L/G/B/T to play?

No!  That's what the "Q" (queer), the "S" (straight), and the "A" (allies) are all about.

Cascade Flag Football is fully inclusive and welcomes all players to join.  All you need is a love of the game, want to be part of the community, and improve your own skills.

I've never played before, can I play with in the Cascade Flag Football?

Yes!  Cascade Flag Football is open to all skill levels - from first timers, to weekend-warriors, to former collegiate or even professional players!

We want everyone to have fun and to grow in their own skills - so if you don't know something, just ask!

  • If you have experience playing the game, please share that experience with your team!
  • Most importantly, everyone should have a great time playing!

I'm pretty competitive, can I play with in the Cascade Flag Football?

Definitely!  If you're competitive please share your skill with your team.  Help us improve everyone's skills while we play!

For the players who are more competitive and want to play at that level check out the Seattle Boom, the Cascade's traveling team.

Is there a requirement for the number of women on each team or during the games?

During the draft process we will ensure that all players are split out as equally as possible across all teams.  It will ultimately depend on how many women register to determine the number on each team.

Game play will be determined by the team captain.

From a League view we want to make sure that everyone plays during the game, and we will do our best to ensure that everyone in the League is satisfied with the amount of time they get to play.

If there are any concerns during the season you can come and talk directly to any of the members of the Board.  After the season closes we will survey all players to assess how the League did, as well as the captain of your team.

Is there practice?

The League encourages all teams to practice since this will not only improve your skills, but also will help you come together as a team.  However, practices are left up the decision of each team.  This allows each team to pick a day, time, and location that suites it best.

We also encourage each of the team captains to share with other captains when their practices are, and to be open to scrimmaging with other teams.

If you can't make your team's practice, you can might be able to get time with another team.


If I'm not able to make practices, can I still play in the games?

Yes!  Practices are up to each team.  Who plays in the game is determined by the captain and the team members.  If your team practices regularly and you have to miss a practice or two - no worries.  Just make sure to let your captain and team mates know.  You can also look into joining another team in their practice to get the work in.

But keep in mind if your team practices and you miss a high number of those, your game time may be impacted.  You'll get out of CFFA what you put into it.

How do I become a team captain?

Want to be a team captain?  Awesome!  Let us know as soon as possible -

If I'm team captain what do I need to provide?

Great news - as a team captain, you only need to provide your leadership and skills, and any football knowledge you have.  During games you can have players on your team act as the offensive and/or defensive captains.

Footballs, flags, and cones will be provided by the League after the teams are drafted.  You'll just need to keep track of the equipment we provide and turn it in at the end of the season.

Can I be on the same team with my friend / partner / spouse?

As part of our blind process draft is to ensure that there is a split of skills across all teams in the season and that we provide the greatest opportunity to strength the community, so we can not guarantee you will be on the same team.  However if you have a firm reason for needing to be on the same team (like medical or child care) please contact us ( to see what arrangements can be made.

Do I have to have a physical to play?


But you should be able to run and be active during the course of a game (two 20-30m halves per game).  Only you and your personal physician can speak to that.

I am HIV+, can I play?  Who do I have to tell my status to?

Yes you can play!

We want to make football available to everyone, and regardless of your status, we want to include you in the experience.  And you don't have to tell anyone your status, we will have the proper first aid procedures in place to protect you and whomever is providing first aid.

I don't want to play, but I'd like to help with the League or be a fan, what can I do?

That is awesome!

We always need fans or people to help us run things.  It takes fans and support people to make a league successful.  Please email the league and let us know that you just want to be a fan or help out the league.  A board member will contact you to discuss ways that you can get involved.


How do I register?  What all is included in registration?

When we open up registration you will be able to register on our Website ( until either registration closes OR we fill our maximum number of allowed registration slots (we'd love to let everyone who wanted to play the opportunity to play, but will be limited by the number teams we can support).

During the registration process you'll provide us with some basic information (name, contact info), complete the self-evaluation information, review and sign-off on the waivers, and then submit payment!  You'll then receive a confirmation that you completed registration!

We then will look forward to seeing you at the Cascade Field Day!

What are the waivers you require?

There are two waivers that you will need to review.

The first is a general liability waiver that provides liability coverage to the  Cascade Flag Football Association, our sponsors, the city of Seattle (and other cities in the area), and the NGFFL.  This is required to play that season.

The second waiver is for photographic, image, or other use.  You can must agree to this waiver, but you can provide approval or restrict it (by really, why would you want to?)

You will also have to agree to the Cascade Flag Football Sportsmanship & Code of Conduct policy.

What if registration for a season is full?

We want everyone who wants to play to have the opportunity to play, but due to logistics, we're limited in the number of slots we'll have in a particular season.

Once those slots are full, we will begin to build a wait list.  Individuals who are added to the wait list will complete their registration, but will not be asked to pay at that time.

If individuals cancel their registration or if we have enough interest and add additional teams, we will pull players off the wait list based on when they were added to the wait list.  Once an individual has been moved from the wait list and become a player for that season, they will need to submit their registration fees.

What does my registration cost cover?

Great question!  Running a league isn't cheap, but we make sure to keep expenses down as much as possible.  The Cascade Flag Football Association is operating as a non-profit organization, pending incorporation, and is run by volunteers.

Your season registration covers your jersey, the game day fields, replacement equipment (both League and individual team), League insurance, NGFFL dues, and other minor operating costs (like our web site!)


What if I have trouble paying the registration fees?

Don't let your ability to pay the registration fees hold you back from being a part of Cascade Flag Football!  Contact us prior to the season's registration to let us know if you will need help to pay or need to make payment arrangements.

For those that need help with the fees, if we have or expect to have the funds available, we will be able to help off-set your registration fees.  We can't do all of the fees, so we will expect you to have a contribution to the registration fees.

If you need more time to pay or need other payment options contact us and we'll see what we can do.  Payments must be made in full to remain in active status in the league.

Contact the Commissioner who can share the specifics and discuss the options with your further.

This is an available option to individuals who truly have this need, and available funds may be limited and otherwise restricted.


How do I get a refund?

If it turns you are unable to play during the season, Cascade Flag Football can provide a refund for paid registration fees up until the team's jerseys are ordered.  Each season this date will be communicated during registration.  Any cancellations after that date are non-refundable.

However, if there is wait list and we are able to fill your slot with someone from the wait list, we can refund your registration once their registration fee is collected.

How are teams formed for Cascade Flag Football?

As part of registration we're going to ask you to complete a "Self-Evaluation"; you can also participate in our Cascade Field Day, where you can show us what you've got.  We'll take the information you provided AND from the Field Day (if you came), and we'll assign you a draft identify based on that (no names, no pictures, nothing to tie back to you).

The team captains draft their teams through a "blind draft" to fill their rosters.  We say it's a "blind draft" because the captains will only see the draft identity (typically a registration number) and won't know the identities of any players signed-up for that season.  All they will see is the information provided in the self-evaluation and information from the Cascade Field Day.  Each captain can build their team based on their own criteria, like building a strong offense or defense team; a team made up of speedsters, or very agile team.  But they won't know who they're drafting.

No one will know what team they're on until the Draft Party.  At this fun social event the captains find out who they drafted and players find out who their team members for that season will be.

We've seen that in other league's this is a GREAT way to meet new people and to make sure experience and skill is spread through the team.

How many players are on the field at any point in time?  How many are on a team?

This will depend on how many people register.

At minimum we are going to play 4x4 and follow those rules.  With this type of football there are 4 players from each team on the field at any point in time.  Each team will have 6-7 people on the roster and that are eligible to play in the game.

If we have a great turn-out, we will play traditional 7x7 flag football and will follow that set of rules.  This means there are 7 players from each team on the field during active play.  This mean there are 10-15 people on the roster.

If I missed the registration deadline can I still play?

If the registration window has closed and you were not able to register, please contact us directly to discuss possible options -

We can't promise anything but we will let you know your options ASAP.


What is the Cascade Field Day?

The Cascade Field Day is a great opportunity for you to come and show us your skills.  The Field Day will be scheduled and communicated prior to the start of registration.

We will have experienced players set up to conduct different skills evaluations.  Things included will be things such as speed, catching, passing, blocking, defending (short and long game), and kicking.  We will let you know in advance what skills we will be evaluating.

The information provided by evaluations will be merged with the information provided in your self-evaluation and together will make up your player profile in the blind draft.

We will also use the Cascade Field Day to conduct a new player orientation for the game.  We'll go review the dynamic warm-up that is key to reduce injuries, and go through important rules, skills, and positions in the game.  We will also address any specific questions the players in attendance may have.

What if I can't make the Cascade Field Day?

Don't worry about it - no harm, no foul, but it is heavily encouraged.  In addition to showing off your skills, we'll go through things like the dynamic warm-up, or specific rules or positions in the game.  It'll also be a great time and will help make sure we have a good idea of the type of skills you'll be bringing to the game!


Where are the Cascade Flag Football games?

Spring 2017 games will be played at Skyway Park.  Check out the park on our Locations section.

How long is the season?

The season will have at least 1 preseason play, 10 regular season games, and then play-offs.  We also ensure that all teams have a game in the season ending Bowl games.

What day are games? What time?

Games are currently to be on Saturday's from 11a to 2p.

Before the first game (our goal is get this out no later than 1-week prior to the start of the games) we will publish the game schedule on both our official web site ( and the Facebook Group.

End of the season tournament and bowl games will be scheduled as soon as the regular season is finished.

What equipment do I need to play?

The only required equipment is a mouth guard and pocketless shorts or pants (we have quick fixes for that if you forget!).

Cleats are strongly encouraged (football or soccer style - cleats can not be metal spikes and there can not be a middle cleat at the front of the foot).

Referees will check all players prior to the game to ensure they have the required equipment and cleats meet the requirements.

What are the rules to play?

The rules will vary based on if we are playing 4x4 or 7x7.  This will be determined by the number of people we have register for the season.  We will let you know by the Draft Party how big the teams will be.

How big is the field?

The size of the field will depend on if we are playing 4x4 or 7x7.

For 4x4 games the fields will be 30 yards wide by 60 years.

For 7x7 games the field will be 35 yards wide by 80 yards deep.

All fields will also include 2 10-yard end zones.

Fields may or may not be striped; please use the cones to identify the field of play and the end zone area.

How long are the games?

How long the game is will depend on wither we are playing 4x4 or 7x7.

For 4x4 games will be 40 minutes, with 2 20 minute halves with the clock running until the last 2 minutes of each half, when a standard game clock will be used.

For 7x7 games each half is 30 minutes of play.  The clock will run continuously for the first 28 minutes, and then moves to a play clock following the established rules for the last two minutes.  Also each team will have up to 4 time-outs, but can only use 3 in a single half of play.

I have a friend who's a great player, and my team is going to be short on players this week, can I bring them to play?

Sadly, no.  Only registered players who have paid their registration fees and have agreed to the waivers can play in games.

However practices can be open and involve anyone as these are team activities and not covered by the Cascade Flag Football Association.

Do I need to be worried about getting injured at a game?

First off, a primary focus of the CFFA is to minimize all injuries.   Before any player can play in a game they will need to have stretched out (we recommend the dynamic warm-up that will we will go through at the Cascade Field Day.

Secondly, we will have a fully stocked first aid kit to handle basic injuries and will have multiple individuals taught in basic first aid skills at the games.  We will also recommend that ALL injuries be seen by a medical professional AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to minimize long term impacts.

Lastly, we will take immediate action if the injury is beyond basic first aid.  If the injury is such at we can move you reasonably and with care, we will take you immediately to the emergency room.  However if the individual is knocked out or can not be moved without causing further inquiry we will immediately contact 911 and request a ambulance service.

One thing to keep in mind if bodily fluids are present; in order to provide first aid, we will use gloves - for everyone's safety.

I did the warm up, but I still got injured!  Do I have to sit out the rest of the season?

Please stay involved!  Come out and cheer on yours and the other teams!  Come to our social events!  We still want to see your happy, smiling face!

What if get cut or otherwise start to bleed during a game?

The referees will require the player to sit out for a minimum of 1 play while they have a Band-Aid or some other coverage applied to the area that is bleeding.

Once the person is ready to come back into the game they must check in with the referee.

Can I bring friends to the games?

Yes!  One of the goals of Cascade is to build a community around the game of football.  It's also a great way to bring in new players or to show off your mad skills with your friends and family.

Can I bring my pets to the games?

Yes!  Pets must be on leash or under verbal / signal control.   Any animal waste must be picked up and disposed of properly.   The CFFA won't have bags, but other players in the league might.


Can I bring adult beverages to the game?

King County does not allow adult open beverages to be consumed in the city parks.   So the CFFA cannot support the this activity.  


How can my company or organization become a sponsor of the Cascade Flag Football Association?

We'd love to chat with you to find out how your company can help Cascade and how Cascade can help your company or organization.  Contact us through the web site or email us at  Thanks!!!

Can I sponsor a player/players to play?

You can not sponsor specific players through the League.  If you want to pay for someone's registration fees, please make those arrangements between the two of you and there is no need to advise Cascade.

However if you want to players who may not be able to afford their full registration fees you can become a MVP and provide a donation to the Player Assistance fund when you register (or you can contact us directly to make a donation outside of registration).

Donation amounts can vary and are left up to your ability.  Funds donated for player assistance can ONLY be used for that purpose; they are not used for other Cascade expenses.

Are you a non-profit organization?

Cascade Flag Football Association is not currently a non-profit organization, however we are in process of incorporating as a recognized 501(3)c organization, and we are operating under those guidelines.  But until we submit for formal 501(3)c status we are unable to provide the associated tax benefits to sponsors.

Are there more options than just the local Cascade Flag Football play?

YES - talk to us about the Seattle Boom, Cascade's competitive traveling team.  This team travels to compete in national tournaments such as Chicago's Pride Bowl (June) and Gay Bowl (October, in different host cities annually).  We may also look to participating in other local leagues as the Boom.

Does Cascade play with any other local flag football leagues?

The only teams that will be scheduled for Cascade fall regular season play are Cascade teams.  If you're wanting to play with other local flag football leagues, ask us about our travel team, the Boom!

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